5 Undeniable Reasons Your Ex Stops Posting on Social Media ⛔️


Social media is an omnipresent tool of change.

It is the rage nowadays, and nobody can look away from the attraction of it all.

Something as tragic as a breakup can result in some life-changing decisions, and one such choice is not posting any more on social media.

It is an entirely different lifestyle when you eventually lead a life devoid of social media.

So, what can be the reasons that your ex stops posting on social media? ???? ????

Nobody does it willingly, and it is necessary to know why so.

Why the sudden ignorance and complete detachment from social media?

Why now?

And why has it been so for a prolonged period?

All these questions need to be asked in the first place to contemplate the answers later.

It is necessary to ponder upon and know what is going on in the ex’s head.

So, now let’s answer those questions with the 5 reasons to why has your ex stopped posting on social media:

#1 ???? He doesn’t need attention

The primary reason to be off the social media circuit is not wanting to be a part of it in the first place.

More often than not, the boyfriend is pulled into the snare of social media even though he is not a social animal.

privacy on social media after break up

It is a torturous process to endure it all without a grimace on the face.

He never really liked being your favorite prop in every social media post ever.

Neither did he like making every minute of his day public and

… nor did he want the unwanted attention that it brought from the followers on your list.

He didn’t really like being stopped during his workout to take a funny selfie so that you could put a caption of your choice.

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#2 ???? He has suffered heartbreak

Another primary reason can be the mother of all reasons: Heartbreak.

The breakup was a sudden blow to him and his lifestyle, as well.

You were a permanent part of his life,

… and not having you around can undoubtedly strike him.

ex boyfriend heartbreak

What was a certainty, a few days back, is non-existent now, for which he needs time and space to cope.

Guys have different coping mechanisms,

… and what may work for you may not necessarily work for him so, don’t be the first one to judge.

Maybe he is just taking a much-needed break from everything familiar,

… and his social media profile is one such frontier that he very much wants to avoid.

#3 ???? He has more pictures of you

It may be his social media profile like facebook or instagram, but he has more pictures of you than of himself. ????‍♂️ ????‍♂️

It can be heartbreaking ???? ????  to see your face pasted all over the page when all he needs is some time off.

i just need time to forget about you, dear.

The need for time and space stems from the individual need to move on from the relationship.

However, if your face keeps getting in the way, then it gets tougher than usual to walk away from the situation.

Instead of venturing out on a journey on his own, he gets forced to walk a mile in your shoes since you are there in every post and feed of his.

So, to take a break from that beautiful face and winning smile of yours, he just needs time on his own to grow apart from you. ⏰ ⏰

#4 ???? He found it hard to forget you

Sometimes, you may have moved on faster and better than him, and he still does require time. ⏰ ⏰

So, even though he does not want to see you happy in your life without him, he is forced to since;

you were a significant part of his life for a long time.

To just get away from the feeling and the person takes a lot of courage and he can certainly not muster it,

his feed and notifications are being pushed by what’s happening in your life.

social media notification

He might be having a lot of alone time and time to himself,

… so seeing you out and about can leave him feeling lonely.

The feeling is undesirable, and the attachment can make him miss you all the more, so to avoid that altogether,

… he just keeps away from the social media posts.

#5 ???? He wants to stay away from you.

The social media frenzy is for real, and once he is dealing with a chaotic state of affairs, he cannot deal with the emotions. ???? ????

Social media is flooded with posts, comments, and updates that you do not need in your life, ✍️ ✍️

… but then you are stuck with it just because it is a form of validation and courtesy in today’s world.

He may not be governed by the same principles as you and would not like to be thronged by a beeline of supporters in such a tough time.

So, to not make it tougher than it already is,

… he keeps away from all the frenzy and the run of the mill disputes that can break out because of it.

So, he takes the easy way out and calms down by being non-existent and relaxed about it all.

It is easier to ignore when you are not a part of it.

Social media has undoubtedly taken over our lives,

… and how it has knocked down all doors of privacy, and everything is public, whether you are a celeb or not.

You can lead the life of a celebrity once you have garnered all the attention and grabbed the limelight on through the social media revolution.

Bottom Line

The impact is far from right, and people usually seek a way to fade out, and when it comes to endings like breakups, it is easier said than done.

But once done, it cannot be reversed, and it then becomes a way of life.

Your ex loves his privacy, and before you came along, all he knew was how tasteful it was.

However, things changed with you becoming a part of his life,

… and now he doesn’t know how to get back to the older ways of living without turning some tables,

… and one such is where the social media is safely seated.

So, he puts his wisdom to great use and gets away from social media as much as he can. Live and let live should be the mantra.

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