How to Ask Your Ex Out – 5 No Bullsh*t Steps

For all those broken-hearted out there, here is a cheat sheet to help your heart heal better and even rekindle old feelings.

Isn’t it known that old flames don’t go out, they just get dimmer and fade away with time taking the backseat in your timeline of memories.

No human, as such, can be easily forgotten, and it takes a whole lot of time and space to walk away from all the memories that went into the relationship.

No human, as such, can be easily forgotten, and it takes a whole lot of time and space to walk away from all the memories. Click To Tweet

Usually, one or both involved in it are interested in getting back together, and more than once, you would have found yourself on that rocky path.

Fret not, my friends, I got you covered, and how so? I can help you on how to ask your ex out.

Let us walk the road together and check the pitstops for how to ask your ex out slowly and steadily.

Do not be wary of your actions, calling yourself or your partner out does not work or make things better.

Let us own it and move ahead with acceptance and a broad smile on your face.

Here are 5 reasons why he would block you:

Reason #1

The first and foremost reason for any guy to slowly and gradually lose interest in you is;

due to your clingy nature and your inability to differentiate between attachment and smothering.

No guy wants to feel like a mother kangaroo;

… who is hopping around with you in their sack.

So, a more natural way out is the silent treatment and completely ignoring your existence whatsoever.

Reason #2

Moving forward is not as easy as drawing the blinds and coiling away in a corner.

It is much more complicated, and for starters, not having daily reminders about the person certainly helps.

So, blocking a person helps in keeping away from all the details– necessary and unnecessary for one’s good.

Moving on requires steps to be taken, and this is just the means to justify the end.

Reason #3

The path to self-healing and recovery is a rough one and riddled with a rugged terrain.

You will need to navigate it with care and caution.

Hence, one of the obstacles to cross is getting rid of the things that belong to your ex.

One of them just happens to be their number, and blocking the ex helps you heal in your time and space.

Thus you don’t have the constant urge to check up on them and know what they are doing.

Reason #4

It is the digital world and every issue,

… however ludicrous it may seem is forensically analyzed on social media.

How do you know that it has happened if it wasn’t ever documented?

So, send a snapshot to your besties,

… cry over the broken threads while going live on Facebook and Instagram, or send a hate tweet on Twitter.

Even though all these acts sound as immature as they are;

it is considered as validation.

To keep away from all this negativity, just block them and all of their thoughts.

So, it is not a number that can be blocked, but even social media accounts are blocked.

Reason #5

Sometimes, it is not a conscious effort from him to block you out of his life, contacts list, and social media feed.

More often than not, he is pushed to do so by friends and family who claim to be his confidants and pillars in the struggle of forgetting you.

He is still grieving the loss, but how to make it more straightforward than it is?

The answer to this question is simple and is widely accepted by his near and dear ones.

Just hit block and sit tight, waiting for the day when you no longer need to fight yourself to go back to check whether she has pinged you.

So, all you girls out there, take the following tips to make him regret his actions:

# Step 1

Live your life as nothing happened.

Wear your favorite pair of heels, flaunt your body in that flashy dress that your boyfriend never liked and paint the town red with your girls.

Nothing hurts a guy’s ego than looking at a girl happy while he is grieving.

So, hurt him where it hurts the most.

# Step 2

Do not block his number or his social media account.

This way, they know that you are not bothered by their presence.

Ensure that his friends know about it.

Do not visit his profile or check his stories; just let him be.

It will irk him more since even though he isn’t blocked;

… you have aced the game of ignoring him like none other.

# Step 3

Go out there and live it up, do not ever be guilty about it.

Have food at your favorite place, go on a vacation, and dance your heart out.

Everyone has different ways of coping,

… so choose yours and go for it.

Make it unforgettable and make him forgettable. He would never like being felt that way.

Bottom Line

Once your actions have left an impact on him,

… he will try to communicate with you, either directly or indirectly.

Don’t give him the satisfaction that he yearns for, even though you have missed him as much, make him feel like it was one-sided.

He needs to realize that you are no longer the same girl who he dumped and walked out on.

You have evolved and grown apart, so he needs to learn to respect that.

Demanding attention is different from earning the respect you deserve.

Throwing caution to the winds, make sure that he knows how much you love him and will continue to do so if he could only give it another shot.

Make sure that he is genuinely interested and ready to give it a second chance.

It can only work if both of you are equally interested.

So, do not jump into something unless you are 100% sure about it.

So, make it clear that it has to be a two-way road, and the efforts should not be coming from your end only.

Only when he agrees to it being a wholesome effort from both the parties, commit to it and move ahead with a smile.

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