How to Get Your Ex Back Using Social Media [Updated 2020]

Social media has an indelible impact on the young, impressionable minds of the world.

People are using social media right, left, and center with no fear of the outcome whatsoever.

The result can be good or bad, depending upon your perceptions and foreseeable usage.

So, one must use social media with a pinch of salt.

However, when it comes to the matters of heart, people usually lose the sense of good and bad and get a one-track mind instead.

So, here are five different ways to get your ex back using social media:

1. Make Sure You Are Not Blocked on His Social Media


The first thing that your ex would want to do while out of the relationship is immediately wipe out all trace of your existence.

It involves blocking you and all the details concerning your life.

But then again, how are you going to put your plans to action if you do not pop up on his feed.

So, the first thing you ensure is that you are not blocked, and it can get done through his friends and family who can talk him out of it.

Once that is done, start your powerplay.

Make sure all his notifications for your posts are switched on, and he is online for a considerable period so that your plan can be successful.

2. Upload a Post That Reminds Him of Old Memories


Select the most cherished memory of both of you and put it up on your social media account with a cheesy caption.

Let the caption indicate how you still miss the good old days and tag it as a throwback time.

Let him read between the lines and understand why would you post a picture of the two of you after the breakup.

Get him thinking of the happy times and maybe trigger an emotional or overwhelming moment.

It will stir up a concoction stronger than hot chocolate, and he may want to meet up with you after looking at the sappy post.

3. Make Him Jealous by Commenting on His Friend’s Post


If he is not the sensitive guy that you mistook him for, then try a different twist.

Click a picture with the hottest guy you know and caption it with something that you say to him like:

“Guys like you are irreplaceable.”

The image of the two did not stir up any emotions in him, but one with another guy in the frame will certainly push him off the rails.

He will get jealous and possessive all of a sudden.

He will try meeting up with you to know what is going on and who is the new entry in your life.

He may even try messaging you on the application through a Direct Message(DM) or a personal message(PM).

Do not reply to his texts, which will make him all the more restless to meet you in person.

4. Make Him Curious A Little Bit


Once you have a text from your ex, you can be assured that he is still interested in the affairs of your life.

Use it to your advantage and make him a little more jealous.

Wear a sexy ensemble with a hot pair of heels and a seductive dress.

Work it with that super hot body that you got in the summer and show him what he walked out on.

Put up a solo picture or a group picture showing how happy you are.

It will get him thinking about how could you be so happy when he is far and away.

It will lead him to wonder whether there is a new guy or if you have moved on from him.

Guys do not like it if the girl has moved on faster than him, so he will have loads of questions to ask.

It can not be done on a text so he will emphasize on meeting up.

5. Let Him Know That You Are Not Dependent


Once you agree to meet up with your ex, make sure that it is on your terms and conditions.

He may pop the question, but the feasibility is yours and be stern about it.

Do not keep the whole day available for him!

… and make it an evening date so that you can keep the feed going the entire day.

He will be curious to know what you were up to the entire day,

… so he will keep checking your account for details and information.

Hence, make a timeline for the day and keep sharing on the go.

Hang out with your friends or maybe even go out for a late-night dance to the nearest pub and post all about the rave on your social media.

Grab his attention with the posts that will let him know about how much fun you are having without him.

Let him know that you are not dependent on him, and your happiness is yours to own.

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Bottom Line

Once he is aware of your whereabouts and all the fun things that you have been up to the whole time, he will have questions to ask.

So, be prepared to answer all the questions coming your way.

The critical point of it is keeping calm since he will already be enraged about how loosely you have been presenting it on social media.

He will wonder about how stubborn you have been all this time and ask about it but do not give in and make him understand.

It is not okay to play the blame game and treat him with love and care while he is ranting about the issue at hand.

Also, make him aware of how it is no longer an issue and how he was always the one for you.

The very reason that he had to talk to you and couldn’t fathom another minute away from you has reinstated the faith in the relationship.

It is a rocky road riddled with obstacles, but you need to be together to handle it with care.

Throwing caution to the winds, make sure that he knows how much you love him ad will continue to do so if he could only give it another shot.

Make sure that he is genuinely interested and ready to give it a second chance. It can only work if both of you are equally interested.

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