How to Make Your Ex-Boyfriend Not Ignore You ?

how to make you ex boyfriend not ignore you again

Every breakup has a sob story of its own, which only the ones involved in it know the best.

Apart from having lived through the heartbreak, they were also the ones to go through it and survive.

So, for survivors, it is necessary to live through the odds and rise above it. ????

But, for your ex, the ONLY way to survive is by IGNORING you,

… and if you still have residual feelings for him,

… then you need to come up with TRICKS on how to not let him ignore you. ???? ????

Here are FIVE ways to make your ex-boyfriend NOT to ignore you:

1. Make him realize that you still remember his favorite place. ????

It was a long-term relationship, and if not, it still was a long time that both of you were together.

Even though it didn’t last, you yet do know him well enough to know which places he would frequently visit.

love coffee story

Just turn up at his favorite restaurant or coffee shop ☕ ☕ and make sure he has spotted you.

Proximity makes it harder to ignore you.

Eventually, he may have to smile or acknowledge your presence.

To make yourself distinguishable, order his favorite dish or coffee ☕ ☕ and savor it in the spot that you two sat at usually.

It will undoubtedly trigger old memories,

… and if not relive them,

He would fondly remember them with at least an iota of the guilt of maybe letting go of too soon.

2. Give him a gift at the right time. ????

Every gift has a memory attached to it, ????????????

… and if you can use it at the right time and right place, the memories can result in working as a time turner.

He may have gifted you a perfume, an accessory, or a dress. ????????

give gift at the right time

Wear the fragrance while you walk past him, reminding him how you smell and made his heart race once upon a time.

Every gift has a memory attached to it. Click To Tweet

Watches are timeless and give him a gentle reminder about how you always treasured the time spent together.

While wearing the dress, make sure you flash the smile that he loves, ????????

… so he is reminded about the happier times and not the bitterness that followed.

Anyways …

… once you decide to wear the dress, you are sure to grab his attention because of the radiant aura that he always talked about. ???? ????

3. Ignore him when you speak to his friend ???? ????

Guys are very territorial, and this can easily get proved by a situation where you speak to his friend and completely ignore him. ???? ????

It is a classic move where the girl gets what she wants because the ex gets enraged by her proximity to his friend.

This works perfectly well, especially if the relationship had ended recently.

Use it to your benefit and laugh and make eye contact with the friend.

But first, ensure that the friend is in on the plan and is not caught unaware since it may end up in an unnecessary love triangle.

So, before you start flirting with the harmless friend, make sure he is gentle enough and will not end up falling for you in the bargain.

It is better to be safe than sorry. ????

This plan only works if both act it out well and seem genuinely interested in each other.

So, maybe run a trial of it in front of your girls and let them be a judge of character.

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4. Food is the way to man’s heart

It is well said that food is the way to a man’s heart and rightly so.

Maybe you were not a brilliant cook, ???? ????

… but you always did know his favorite dish and the favorite place that he frequently visited.

favorite dish and food for ex boyfriend

But if you were his favorite cook, then get out your apron and kitchen tools to make the dish of his dreams. ???? ????

Make it from scratch ???? ????  so that every ingredient added to the dish imparts the necessary spice and flavor to it.

He would value every moment of savoring it since the efforts gone into it will always matter to him.

He would remember the old days and realize how he loved having you around.

How could he ignore a delicious piece of heaven? ???? ????

5. Be yourself. ????

Perhaps your ex is the brooding type who doesn’t vent out much as you do so,

how do you get such a guy to talk?

just be your self to get notice from ex boyfriend

It is simple;

do what you do best, be yourself.

Maybe all he yearns for is a big hug, a hearty laugh, or even some breakup sex.

Any of them can do wonders for the non-existent relationship.

So, make sure you confront him alone and get working.

How do you get such a guy to talk? It is simple; Do what you do best and be yourself. Click To Tweet

Sometimes, all he needs is a wake-up call and who can give it better than you. ???? ????

He did pour his heart to you time and again, and maybe just maybe, he misses doing that.

So, be his friend indeed and give him a trusted shoulder to lay his head on so he knows you still care.

Guys, most of the time, are just overgrown boys who still just want care and advice from their trusted people.

So, be that trusted advisor for him and value his emotional quotient.


So, make it count; every moment is wholesome and essential.

You do not have to be manipulative or get involved in the grand scheme of things to win his love back.

He had fallen for you for a reason, and all you need to weigh out is what matters the most.

Human relations are necessary, and if it is your loved one,

you should give it all.

Just be the way you are and remind him of all the good old days and the ways that he loved about you.

Love is a grand gesture in itself and makes him feel the same way. Click To Tweet

He is crucial for you, and he needs to be reminded of it too.

Everyone deserves to be made felt that way and will always have a soft corner for you.

The heart wants what it wants, and if you win his heart,

… then all is done and dusted.

He will never be able to ignore you when his heart is drawn to you, so make sure that it is on your side.