3 Ways to Initiate Contact with Ex-Boyfriend After No Contact

For the initial few days, weeks, or even months after the breakup,

… all you can think of is about how good it was and how you wish it had never ended.

It is natural to feel so because we are only human, and humans do not just turn off their feelings. Yes, they try to move on and walk away from the situation but usually fail at it.

The first move on both sides is breaking off all contact with your ex,

… and it comes more naturally to guys than girls.

Hence, there are many examples to initiate contact with your ex-boyfriend after no contact.

Everyone knows the tragic news that a loss brings in its wake, and heartbreak is one such loss.

You lose your rallying partner, your confidant, and the one person that you can always go back.

So, if you are hurting and need to get back to the good times, your best bet is to try your level best to get back in touch with your ex.

One such method is to win their trust again, and this can be done only with subtlety and not notoriety.

Here are a few examples on how to initiate contact with your ex-boyfriend:

1. Emotional attachment is the best mold to use and the stronghold that can be used to pull your ex-boyfriend back to the grind.


Use a memory that was always special to both of you.

It could be your first dinner date or a gift that is of emotional value to your ex-boyfriend.

Use it till it strikes a chord and opens the floodgates of emotions.

E.g: If it was a favorite coffee place which you and your ex frequently visited,

… go back there and all you know, your ex will also show up at the same time.

Try syncing your time and turn up, anticipating his return to familiarity.

You can even pre-order his favorite cup of coffee and leave it at the counter with the barista with a handwritten note:

“Just the way you like it”

… or even a pure Good Morning Sunshine would suffice too.

He may not react since he would be taken aback by this gesture but would always know that it could be you and may search for you.

Try remaining hidden because your inability to strike a conversation.

… or the initial bitterness could make things worse, so it is better to stay anonymous for the first few encounters.

All you can ensure is that he starts his day with a smile, and one day he may trump you and turn up with your favorite brew.

So, just string along and try making his day for starters.

2. Once you have tugged on his heartstrings, pull a little more, and ensure that he understands your feelings.


You need to remain driven and motivated and not lose sight of the end goal.

Next, use a favorite activity that you both ended up doing together.

It could be bowling night or even fishing at the lake.

Once you are sure of which one to pursue, stick to it and open the doors to a golden opportunity.

E.g: If both of you love swimming on the weekends, take out your swimming gear and go out on a day on the beach.

Before turning into a beach baby, contact his friends and come up with a plan where they can just happen to be in the same place at the same time.

Imagine his surprise when he sees you soaking in the sun after so long.

It is undoubtedly going to be something to look at his face when he meets you.

He may not know what to say, but his eyes will do the talking.


So, make sure you are wearing his favorite color and flash a smile along his way as you dive into the ocean.

There’s a reason why guys still ogle at the Baywatch girls running as lifeguards.

But with your ex-boyfriend, make sure that you are the one running away from him and he takes note of it.

3. After a very eventful weekend where you indeed made one point clear that he looks at you and notices you.

That made a lasting impression,

… so why not turn the tables to work in your favor by getting him out,

maybe for an evening stroll in the park or that extraordinary dinner date that never happened.

Know his schedule either from his assistant or his friends and then make your move.

For eg: He always loved the burgers and fries from the fast-food outlet right round the corner.

Drop-in a takeout of his favorite meal while he is working late at the office.

Tell him how you were just around the corner and remembered how you always worked late on Saturdays so that you don’t feel guilty about the weekend.

He has always been a workaholic, and you just decided that he should not run low on juice while finalizing the drafts for the next meeting.

Since he is already so worked up, the fragrance of his most loved meal will work wonders on how he perceives you at that moment.

You would be his lifesaver, and he would always savor the moment where you walked in and saved the day.

All of the tricks, as mentioned above and treats, would not work if you are not giving it your all.

So, remember that you need to make every moment count and take it as it comes.

Do not let anything seem unnatural and be spontaneous with every encounter.

Your ex should be surprised with every gesture and leave an impression on his mind.

Some feelings can last longer than you comprehend, so make it last while you can.

Make everything matter, and do not forget that your ex still knows you,

… so before turning into a mastermind,

… make sure he does not know about your grand scheme of things if he knows that your planning and strategizing behind his back,

… he would not like it. So, watch out for his prying eyes and be your usual self,

… not something pretentious that he would not even understand who you are.

Stay true to your roots and win his heart with integrity and sincerity. That’s all that matters.

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