5 Indisputable Reasons Why You Should Unfriend Your Ex

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle;

People do not have the time to wait and listen to your problems,

… or spare some time for a discussion.

These are the primary reasons that lead to unnecessary whiplash and conflicts.

One such conflict is whether or not to stay friends with your ex.

I’ve got this question a lot:

Why did my ex unfriend me but not block me?


Will he care if i unfriend him?

The term ex has been coined for the very reason that it indicates something or someone from your past.

It is not necessarily required of you to stay friends with your ex.

There are a variety of reasons to not remain friends with your ex,

… and to divulge some details,

… here are five reasons why you should unfriend your ex.

The 5 reasons can be listed as follows:

???? 1. There’s still history, memories and conversations that haven’t ended yet.

There is a lot of history and, more often than not, a lot of unfinished business too.

In most of the cases, either knowingly or unknowingly, there are a lot of buried feelings and conversations that never happened.

It is better to let bygones be bygones and not let the past dictate your present.

So, it is easier and better not to remain friends with the person rather than complicate the situation by behaving friendly,

… and HURTING oneself in the process.

Both of the people involved in the relationship need time to burn down the old bridges,

… and rebuild themselves in newer relations.

So, why not just separate themselves from the other and walk on separate paths to avoid potential disputes, if any.

???? 2. Avoid potential disputes with your ex.

Everybody likes calm and peace of mind for one’s wellness and being.

But, by being friends with your ex, you are calling for unnecessary disputes and uncalled for the wrath of the other.

memories with ex boyfriend

A friend has the upper hand in various situations of your life,

… and just like that, your ex then gets the privilege to interfere in personal matters.

They will then use the pretext of being your friend and give you advice on who you should or should not meeting.

It, in turn, results in treading dangerously on the lines drawn between a friendship and relationship.

They get so habituated to admonishing you and deciding what is right and wrong,

… and they lose track of the fact that they no longer hold that importance in your life.

So, why would you want to be a part of an unavoidable argument?

???? 3. There are feelings that can cause misunderstandings.

A relationship is called so for a reason,

… and when built on the foundation of friendship,

… it blooms and grows.

But when that very relationship falls apart,

… it cannot go back to being a friendship since both of them have grown apart as individuals.

Going back to being friends is a massive mistake on the part of both parties involved.

There are still residual feelings and attachments,

… which can lead to disputes and misunderstandings.

Ego and jealousy become their long-standing companions.

Every person that they talk to or interact with is then scanned,

… and judged with the understanding that they will end up dating them.

If not according to their taste and liking,

… they will then be isolated and labeled in front of the ex intentionally to make them feel guilty.

???? 4) There is always a chance at getting back together.

There is always a chance at getting back together if you are still in touch with your exes,

… and if you decided to stay in each other’s lives on friendly terms,

… then it’s a cakewalk.

Some relations are better broken than intact,

broken relationship

… and some people work better when apart than together.

So, by forcefully staying friends with your ex or being an irreplaceable part of their lives does more harm than good.

Nobody likes clingy people, and that’s how you are perceived if you unnaturally want to be a part of you’re their life even after things have ended.

???? 5) Makes you remember love in the past.

It is certainly not pleasant to be a meddler and show concern over notwithstanding issues.

Most of the time, the person asking about the problem may be the root cause of the subject as well,

… so no need to pester your ex with unnecessary questions.

Since being friends is all about being comfortable in each other’s presence,

… it gets tricky when you were so madly in love in the past.

Even familiar topics can get you awkward,

… and that doesn’t help when you are trying hard to move on.

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Moving on is anything but simple when it comes to the ex being your friend.

They are at your place day in and out and even a part of impromptu hangouts and meetups,

… so you are not really on a timeout.

They are just another piece of the puzzle,

… and this can complicate matters more since there’s no escape from them or their hysterics since both of you are in the same friend circle ever since.

Bottom Line

Even though if there were genuine chances of hitting it off with a new person,

… the constant presence of your ex can irk the person.

They may wonder if you still have feelings for each other and if they would be getting in the way of old flames.

Nobody wants to be that person who gets in the form of love.

So, why not just clear the air and get away from all the irrefutable claims that exes can still be friends.

Let us only accept the fact and move on from the past.

A no strings attached policy is functional for your good,

… and you should certainly consider it if you still feel smothered by your ex.

The ex lost all their privileges and benefits,

when they ceased being your love interest and ended up just being another person across the room.

You can acknowledge their presence but not share your cup of coffee or the couch while watching the TV.

It is a task not to skip a beat because that’s how close you have been.

Additionally, once you brush your hands against each other and get a whiff of her fragrance,

… you can’t help falling into old ways and holding her close, so better stay far away.

So, be wise and walk away while you can!