Will He Regret Leaving Me? 5 Signs You Need to Know

The post-break-up phase is the worst, isn’t it?

A questions; “Will my ex regret leaving me?” is always in your head.

You’re still trying to process everything that just happened between you and your ex-significant other.

All the bitter-sweet memories still fresh in your consciousness,

… and there’s always a teeny-little part of you that refuses to accept what just happened.

But hey!

If he didn’t treat you right, you’re better off dumping out all those feelings,

… because there is always someone out there who will treat you the way you deserve.

But, of course, one doesn’t just erase out all those memories with a snap.

The one thing that’s common for both genders post-break-up is wondering if their significant other regrets ending the relationship.

Unless he’s a real piece of work who moves on a day after your breakup,

… there is always a part of him that will regret ending the relationship.

The signs may be subtle, but, yes, they are present in one small form or another.

So, what are the signs to look out for that indicates your boyfriend is regretting leaving you?

Don’t expect your ex to go on his way to paint the sky to express his regret for leaving you,

… or even post quotes to directly indicate he misses you.

Will He Regret Leaving Me? 5 Signs You Need to Know


Because there is a massive amount of post-break-up ego involved.

A straightforward message on how he regrets leaving you will only make him look weak (mentally),

… and that’s something most men tend to stay far (far) away from.

It is crucial to understand that the post-break-up phase is all about “mental” strategy.

Hence, identifying all the subtle signs or decoding his encrypted messages are the best ways to understand if he misses you.

Sign #1 – He is deviating from his daily routine

If he suddenly stops going to the gym or just about anything he loves,

it is an indication that he misses you.

The best way to understand this is to see if he is showing signs of being introverted.

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Sign #2 – He is “stalking” you on social media

Well, not the creepy kind of stalking,

Will He Regret Leaving Me? 5 Signs You Need to Know

… but rather some minute details such as checking out all your recent posts and feeds.

It is also important to observe if he is updating his social media posts regularly.

If he is posting lesser contents but is still actively following your feeds, it is an indication that he wants you back.

Sign #3 – He is posting “encrypted” messages

No matter how much he misses you,

… the chances of him texting or calling you directly and expressing his genuine feelings is insignificantly low.

The closest thing he can do is post encrypted messages on his social media handlings.

post status in social media

Messages indicating how boring or depressing his life has become are all the signs of a broken-hearted man.

Sign #4 – He is trying “too” hard

The word “ego” plays an insanely significant role after you break up with your boyfriend.

If he misses you, he will do some things that may look the complete opposite of him missing you like posting “too happy” pictures,

… or being too positive about the whole post-break-up phase.

In the terms of professional psychologists that is a classic example of “overcompensation.”

If he seems unnaturally happy after your breakup, he is most probably trying to compensate for his genuine feelings about you.

Sign #5 – You’re getting his drunk calls and texts

It is a well-known phenomenon that people are in their utmost frank behavior when they are drunk.

People in their drunken state respond optimally to their genuine feelings without caring for the consequences.

So, if you’re getting drunk calls and texts from your ex, it is a clear indication that he misses leaving you.

Sample social media chat that indicates he regrets leaving you

The chat shows he’s clearly interested in your personal life and most importantly, your love life as well.

He also indicates how he’s feeling lonely,

… and the casual way of saying he misses you all points to the direction that he regrets leaving you.

How To Make Him Regret Leaving You

First of all, don’t go around trying too hard to make someone regret leaving you.

The simple fact is if he really cared about you,

… there will always be a part of him that will regret leaving you.

But, if he doesn’t, you’re better off moving on.

Don’t demean yourself trying to get the attention of someone who obviously never cared enough.

However, if you really want to make him scratch his hair out and regret leaving someone like you,

… here are some pointers.

Tips #1 – Displaying a matured understanding

Scratch all that, going to the gym and transforming yourself into a beauty pageant thing.

That’s for high school kids.

There is nothing more attractive than a woman who has matured mentally.

If you learn from the errors of your previous relationship and display a matured understanding and most importantly, move on.

Well, that’s an assured formula of making him regret leaving someone like you.

Tips #2 – Staying Positive

No matter what type of a person your ex-boyfriend may have been,

… a breakup is always a tough pill to swallow initially.

Will He Regret Leaving Me? 5 Signs You Need to Know

However, your needy texts and endless tearful nights are not going to be of any use if you want to make him regret.

In fact, that is the complete opposite.

Take a deep breath, and stay positive,

… even if it kills you inside initially.

Even if your ex-boyfriend is regretting leaving you,

… your desperate texts and behavior are just going to make you look needy and pathetic.

Displaying a positive attitude is the ideal way to make your ex regret the decision.

Tips #3 – It’s Time Move on

Moving on does not necessarily mean finding the next boyfriend a day after your breakup,

… rather move on with your normal life, family, and friends.

move on

Disassociating yourself from your friends and family is a direct indication of your depressing breakup phase.

If you want to make him regret, go out with your friends and family and posts wonderful pictures of the time together.

Seeing an ex embrace their life after a breakup makes the other person take a step back and evaluate their decision.

But, more importantly than making him regret leaving you,

… you get to spend quality times with your loved ones and cope with the break-up.

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